Friday Streams -- June 9, 2017

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This week's streams highlight the geographical diversity of "American" music. I'm on the road for the next few weeks, so if you got streaming issues, leave a comment and we'll try to rectify.

New Releases
Big Thief - Capacity 
The unflinching stare. Big Thief's record covers are the opposite of pretension. You can't quite tell if the photos were found at the end of a roll of film or if they're Alec Soth creations. But, they match the music almost perfectly. Imperfect situations, hard won lessons (and if not lessons then at least warnings) have been staples of a gothic Americana since time immemorial. Big Thief does them by mixing the adrenaline of Springsteen with the melody of Jessica Pratt.

Sleepy Sun - Private Tales
As Big Thief evinces the hard scrabble lives of fly-over country, so too does Sleepy Sun's new record ring of pure West Coast psychedelia. While Fever seemed caught in another decade, by the time "Seaquest" hits on Private Tales you can feel the contemporary world crack into your trip.

Carla Morrison - Amor Supremo Desnudo
Carla Morrison is an indie diva in any language. This acoustic version of her 2015 release, Amor Supremo, just gives her more room to shine.

Extended Players
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Nathan Salsburg - Untitled
They say that you know America by her rivers. Here, Americana royalty, Will Oldham & Nathan Salsburg highlight 3 creeks in song.

Off the Radar
Dustin Wong - Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
Ex Ponytail guitarist, Dustin Wong does stuff with a guitar that you couldn't even dream of. This album of post-rock deconstructionism is vivid evidence to that


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