Louisville Scene Report (4.16.2015)


I've always loved Tropical Trash for their in your face loudness turned up to the point of madness. To my surprise, their newest and just down right spectacular new single, "UFO Rot" starts with a more sing-songsy style of punk...but loud lovers have no fear, the song turns on a dime halfway in and fuzzes into oblivion.  This is a track with every inch packed tight with excitement and has this album as one of my most anticipated of 2015.  Out May 26th on Load Records (US) and Riot Season (UK).


The last few weeks have seen an abundance of amazing new albums and EPs that make me proud to call Louisville home.  We have an indie self-release masterpiece from Lydia Burrell, some punk goodness from Blind Tigers, and a throw back 90s sounding album from Twenty First Century Fox that will get you over missing the good old days of Pavement or The Pixies. 


Track of the Day: The Sandwitches - "Play it Again Dick"

San Francisco's The Sandwitches were one of those Spotify finds for me. After a couple clicks I came upon this perversely ethereal song "In the Garden" which seemed to be told from the perspective of a rim job obsessed snake. It's hard not to get captivated by the David Lynchian songs and haunting melodies. This June, the group releases their final album, Our Toast via Empty Cellar Records and the first taste is the whimsically titled "Play It Again Dick." With a menacing downbeat and slow rolling, lilted vocals, "Play it Again Dick" manages what so many Sandwitches songs do -- to live on that rough edge of emotion and irony. Listening to their tracks, you often wonder if the knowledge of your own pain is what makes that fucker hurt even worse.

Music Alliance Pact (April 2015)

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 16-track compilation through Dropbox here.

 UNITED STATESWe Listen For You Lydia Burrell - Carry Our Weight An emotive ticking clock of a song, "Carry Our Weight" bounces in and out between poetic lyrics and a synth that punches in between breaths. This is unabashed music. The lyrics float above melodies that tag behind, both elements reaching higher and higher until the song's fantastic and satisfying conclusion.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Los Grillos Del Monte - Jaqueline This supergroup formed by Facundo Flores (Onda Vaga, Nacho & Los Caracoles), Tomi Lebrero (El Puchero Misterioso), Martín Reznik (La Filarmónica Cósmica) and Jano Seitún (Campos Magnéticos, Alvy Singer Big Band) has just released their first record. According to the guys, the album sounds like "a bolero who fathered a cumbia, a chorus which is the cousin of the best zamba, and rock music that won't leave us even if we try". MAP exclusive download Jaqueline is our favorite track from the album.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Surf Dad - Honey Surf Dad is the production duo of George and Declan Sands, brothers from Barwon Heads, a small coastal town near Melbourne. More than a year after releasing the excellent Unholy EP, the siblings have dropped Honey, a pristine, sensual track featuring horns, bells, woodblock, field recordings from their dad's backyard and their mum, Natisha, on vocals. George had salvaged the vocal recordings from old four-track cassettes that Natisha, an artist herself, compiled in the 1980s. As you might expect from an intimate family collaboration, the boys' woozy, organic production complements her heady performance perfectly. And Mum's reaction upon hearing the track? She cried.

CANADA: Ride The Tempo Dilly Dally - Gender Role Buzz Records is taking Toronto by storm with their incredible roster of artists that include Odonis Odonis, Weaves, Greys, HSY, Anamai and more. Now I bring to you the incredible Dilly Dally, whose "I don't give a fuck" attitude both on and off stage will have you loving them more and more.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Balancer - Remain Waves Balancer is a trio formed by Colombians and Puerto Ricans, but based in Brooklyn. Gabriela, Felipe and Francisco have released two EPs and an album called Tipsoo. Their music is striking - it's a world influenced by indie-rock, psychedelia and electronics. Remain Waves is the first single released from Tipsoo, which takes us through the waves to the shore with a warm, downtempo sound.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian The Ball And The Wall - Standing On My Own The Ball And The Wall's latest single, MAP exclusive download Standing On My Own, came out in the UK on vinyl in March. The solo project of producer Noah Rosanes, he only puts out singles with guest vocalists. This one features Ida Wenøe and comes with an excellent "20 directors with 10 seconds each" video. The single's B-side is So Good.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Elia - Hasta El Final Ignacio Izquierdo, also know as Elia Liut or Elia, is one of the Ecuadorian indie-rock scene's most interesting musicians. After being part of Motozen, Ignacio began new project Elia Liut, combining folk, pop and alternative rock music. Hasta El Final is the second single from the Sentir EP, produced by Steven Aguilar (Dave Matthews Band, Moby).

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar HMGNC - Today & Forever Homogenic (stylized as HMGNC) is a trio consisting of Dina Dellyana, Grahadea Kusuf and Amandia Syachridar, who distill their many musical passions down to a few simple concepts, expressed as scientifically-constructed pop music which they refer to as electronic sci-pop.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing MuRli - Both Sides (feat. God Knows) Taken from his Surface Tension EP, Both Sides represents another burst of creative hip-hop from the Limerick-based Rusangano Family collective, of which MuRli is a key member. The vocalist's Togolese origins shine through in a track that deals with diversity with a cutting and memorable honesty. It's a glance at fast-modernizing Ireland delivered through a captivating voice.

ITALY: Polaroid Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Barracudas Old Fashioned Lover Boy's debut album is called The Iceberg Theory - there is a hint of something majestic but also fragile and incomplete in this music. What we see of an iceberg is only a small part of what's really there. These songs may seem thin, just another folk-pop record for Bon Iver or The Tallest Man On Earth fans. But while Old Fashioned Lover Boy is a bedroom songwriter with an acoustic guitar and a few synths, the love in his music is much more than this.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Tenkiame - Splash! Azusa Suga is a Tokyo musician who keeps himself busy. He plays guitar in rising rock outfit For Tracy Hyde and is also the mastermind behind the chillwave-leaning Shortcake Collage Cake project. His newest outfit, Tenkiame, finds him in the vocalist role, merging driving rock with a touch of shoegaze. Splash! is their best cut yet, thanks to how it drives forward and how Suga pushes his voice to raise the emotional stakes.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Lawall - Steven The state of Colima, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, is well known for its astounding beaches, but scarcely for its indie music. Enter Lawall, a very young band signed to Mexico City label Rock Juvenil, founded by Centavrvs member Paco Martínez. And what a finding Paco has made. This jangly, nostalgic tune has the sparkle of those 80s tunes crafted by Morrissey/Marr.

PERU: SoTB Indigo - Destino Indigo was one of the most important bands in the development of Peruvian rock at the beginning of the last decade. Their first and only album is essential material. Almost 10 years after their last activity, they've returned with the announcement of a new album, from which we can hear Destino, an amazing song that rouses instant nostalgia as it grows in intensity.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? The Leeway - If Only The Leeway are a band formed by Pedro Barquinha - a Portuguese living in New York where he attends the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music - and his friend and fellow student Bennett Sullivan. In March 2014, with three other recruited members, they released an EP. If Only is a new track for 2015, with The Leeway releasing one every month accompanied by a video.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop BWANi - Make My Day BWANi first appeared on the Music Alliance Pact as Bwani Junction in November 2010 and released two albums under their old moniker. Conveniently, the rebranded version of the Edinburgh indie-rock band has coincided with their best work to date - the relentlessly anthemic single Make My Day (backed with a barnstorming video). Get addicted to this MAP exclusive free download before it inevitably appears on album number three.

SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Cumeo Project - New Day Rising Electronic duo Cumeo Project has already garnered some attention internationally, but it was not until this month that first EP Promised Land came out on US label Shoeboxx Recordings. New Day Rising opens the release brilliantly with great beats and fleeting sounds.

WLFY PREMIERE: Hip Hatchet - "David's Wolves"

The first thing you should know about the music of Hip Hatchet is that every word in every sentence holds extreme weight if the listener is willing to fully invest.  He's a master poet, storyteller, and his vocal emotion proves that the medium of music can elevate the universal unknown to individual understanding.  

WLFY is extremely honored to premiere the newest offering from Hip Hatchet, "David's Wolves" from his upcoming LP, Hold You Like A Harness.  It's a dark and powerful song that puts all the pressure on these snarling vocals that can transition from beauty to anger on a dime.  Unlike a lot of artists who simply propose questions to themes, Hip Hatchet shows his talent to be both personally exposed by the struggle of large life conflicts and at the same time humbly offer up his solutions. Hip Hatchet tells the story of everyone, filtered through one brilliant mind...a beginning, middle, and end...questions and answers...a quest for truth and the calming sanity through song that washes over the stressful thoughts we all hold.

April 10th - Salem Oregon - Vagabond Brewing
April 11th - Yakima Washington - 5 North
April 17th - Portland Oregon - Secret Society (Album Release Show)
April 18th - Bellingham Washington - Green Frog Tavern
April 19th - Seattle Washington -  Sunset Tavern
April 21st - Hood River Oregon - Springhouse Cellars
April 22nd - Long Beach Washington - Adrift Hotel
April 23rd - Long Beach Washington - Adrift Hotel
April 24th - Astoria Oregon - Voodoo Room
April 25th - Eugene Oregon - House Show
April 26th - Ashland Oregon - Oberons
April 27th - Reno Nevada - House Show
April 28th - Emeryville, California - Scandinavia
April 29th - Paso Robles, California - Pine Street Saloon
April 30th - Los Angeles, California - TBD
May 1st - Tempe Arizona - Xtreme Bean Coffee
May 2nd - Flagstaff Arizona - Firecreek Coffe
May 3rd - Santa Fe New Mexico - Sante Fe Sol
May 4th - Taos New Mexico - Taos Mesa Brewing
May 5th - Lubbock Texas - Blue Light
May 7th - San Antonio Texas - Bar 502
May 8th - Austin Texas - Studium
May 9th - Fort Worth Texas - Fred’s Texas Cafe
May 10th - Houston Texas - TBD
May 12th - New Orleans, Louisiana - The Circle Bar
May 14th - Gaitlinburg Tenessee - Sugarlands Distillery
May 15th - Knoxville, Tennessee - Jig n’ Reel
May 16th - Louisville, Kentucky - Haymarket Whiskey Bar
May 18th - Asheville, North Carolina - Jack of the Wood
May 19th - Charlotte, North Carolina - Milestone
May 20th - Greensboro, North Carolina - Blind Tiger
May 21st - Durham, North Carolina - Pinhook
May 22nd - Charlottesville, Virginia - The Garage
May 23rd - Fredrick Maryland - Cafe Nola
June 3rd - New York City - Rockwood Stage 2
June 11th - Kingston, New York - BSP Lounge

Track Of The Day: Jacco Gardner - "Find Yourself"

One of the best tracks of 2015 plays like a daydream twisted through Joe Meek-esq production by way of one Jacco Gardner.  A piercing vintage synth line shakes throughout this laid back, almost slow-motion cruiser of a song that slowly builds and wraps itself up in a gentle understanding that behind all beauty hides a little mystery.  This is one of the first "must-own" 7"s of the year.  

Music Alliance Pact (March 2015)

Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 21-track compilation through Dropbox here.

 UNITED STATESWe Listen For You Hip Hatchet - Coward's Luck There are thousands upon thousands of singer-songwriters in the world - and not a single one of them is like Hip Hatchet. His music is highly personal yet also universal. Every lyric packs a punch and every play reminds you just how powerful sound can be.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Panda Elliot - Guerrero (AlexPatri remix) Panda Elliot is three in one: woman, band and producer. A fresh new face in the music scene, she recently launched her second album Forastera, which shows a more confident Panda Elliot, well established in her own style. After the eclectic single Ligerita, she released Guerrero, a rockin' feminine song that forces you to move your head. The track is potent and full of energy on its own, so this remix by AlexPatri extends into the realm of fun, uptempo electronic dance.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Kučka - Divinity A continuation of Kučka's future R&B leanings hinted at in her previous work, Divinity is a lush, surreal affair. Undulating rhythms sync perfectly with the swirling, cough-syrupy synths and Laura Jane Lowther's vocals, which sound at once sultry and innocent. Think an antipodean Purity Ring.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado Passo Torto - Isaurinha Passo Torto is a quartet formed by renowned musicians from Sao Paulo's contemporary music scene. Isaurinha is taken from their second album, Passo Elétrico, in which they explore guitars and effects on acoustic bass and cavaquinho (sort of a small guitar often associated with samba), with the lack of percussion elements leaving space for harmonic and melodic experiments.

CANADA: Ride The Tempo Munroe - Bloodlet Fans of Lykke Li may enjoy newcomer Kathleen Munroe, who simply goes by Munroe. She makes chilling folk tunes like this one with a tinge of Americana (though I guess this would be Canadiana?). Production-wise, Bloodlet doesn't have too much but it's perfect just the way it is. Her lovely voice is all you need.

CHILE: Super 45 Patio Solar - Pintura Guitars are back in Chilean pop and Patio Solar proves this. After a couple of self-produced releases (Patio Solar and Driminsún), these youngsters from a little corner of Santiago offer dreamy lo-fi melodies, sometimes close to shoegaze and psychedelia, on their 2015 debut album Temporada. The single Pintura is taken from the record, released through Piloto.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Okraa - Healing Juan Carlos Torres, the frontman of Bogotá's Globos de Aire, also goes by the pseudonym Okraa, and with this solo alias he makes deeper, more personal work within electronica. Okraa, who has done remixes for Scottish artist Turtle, shows the well-woven sounds that lead us to take a walk in our minds on Healing, from his debut Dreamachine EP.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian Virgin Suicide - Virgin Suicide The quintet Virgin Suicide will release their eponymous debut album on May 18, co-produced and mixed by Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes). Here is first single Virgin Suicide as a MAP exclusive download.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Casetera Behind The Tigers - Behind The Tigers Behind The Tigers is a new, mysterious project from Santo Domingo. Their name is a literal translation of a colloquial Dominican way of referring to fun-loving guys as "tigres". Their first song, Behind The Tigers, is a breezy electro-pop tune, but as simple as it sounds, the duo claims there's more than meets the eye in their lyrics and wordplay.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria La Orden Del Baile Atrevido - Se Fue El Sistema Se Fue El Sistema is the first single on the new EP by La Orden Del Baile Atrevido (L.O.B.A.), an electro-rock band with a euphoric style dubbed "rotten glamor". This song mocks the nightmare of Ecuador's paperwork, but it's also a criticism of the system in which we live. L.OB.A.'s debut album, Musica Del Cosmos, will be released this year.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda Zebra Tracks - Waves There's something totally irresistible about Zebra Tracks’ intoxicating third album, Waves. They make thoroughly exciting, perfectly executed music that brims with fresh ideas, shimmery guitars and thundering rhythms, sharp and moving melodies, bleak, brooding but hopeful arrangements. They have wisely retained the elements that worked previously, yet there is a depth of emotion here they have never accessed before. Zebra Tracks have made an impressive stride forward and you'd be mad not to follow them.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Nic Fit - Mimpi Pergi If you watched a lot of MTV and crowdsurfed at gigs during the 1990s, then you may have the era forever in your heart as one awesome memory where lots of weird-sounding bands emerged and you love them. Nic Fit will bring back those happy feelings.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing No Monster Club - I've Retired No Monster Club is the solo guise of Bobby Aherne, an ever-present at the heart of some of Dublin indie's more eccentric and memorable moments. I've Retired sees colorfully upbeat verses and bouncing choruses adorned with contrary lyrics: it's themed around a departure from the scene that's clearly not about to happen. What's bound to happen eventually, though, is one of Aherne's acts make a major, major impact. A space worth watching.

ITALY: Polaroid Go Dugong - Imagine Me And You A Love Explosion is the new album by Go Dugong. Spring is approaching here in Italy, so a record full of love and sensuality seems appropriate. There are mellow beats and psychedelic melodies influenced by 60s and 70s Italian soundtracks plus samples from old school Northern Soul hits. The album is free to download via Bandcamp.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Caro Kissa - Saturday Morning Indie-pop shall truly never fade out of style. As long as there are young people out there with access to some instruments and a computer to record with, the twee stuff will keep on coming. Caro Kissa have released one of the first great indie-pop EPs of the year in Japan with Perfect Dream, and Saturday Morning is an easy-going highlight, showcasing their skippy tempo and solid singing.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Animación Suspendida II - Creepy Groovy Hell Vapor and sine waves are certainly bubbling under the skin of Animación Suspendida II, a duo comprised of Beto Ben and Mou (formerly of Bam Bam, the space-rock band that delivered Red Bull Panamérika's 2011 album of the year). With an amazing recording process, the pair improvise on iPad music apps, record to tape and then edit the final track. So, no Ableton Live here, just pure Monterrey psy-fi-phuture juice. The video is a must-see.

PERU: SoTB The Deep Sea Monster - Like A God The Deep Sea Monster, who formed in 2012, have emerged from Lima's independent music circuit with a sound encompassing psychedelia and garage rock. Their new self-titled album is a perfect match of experimentation and euphoria. Their challenge is to not limit their music in any way and their full discography is available for free on Bandcamp.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Tape Junk - Thumb Sucking Generation The Tape Junk, who first appeared on the Music Alliance Pact in October 2013, release their eponymous second album in April. It was produced by another talented Portuguese musician, Luís Nunes (Walter Benjamin), and recorded in a makeshift studio in Alvito, Alentejo. The calmness of the place comes across on the recording and its sound.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop Tongues. - Anymore Tongues. is the electro project of Kill The Waves frontman Tim Kwant, who is wildly succeeding in his mission to create inspiring pop songs that combine raw energy with a delicate touch. Bold synths, deep subs and soaring vocoders have justifiably drawn comparisons to Alt-J, Hot Chip and fellow Glaswegians Chvrches. With around 50,000 plays so far, Colours In The Dark sparked an online stir after being "accidentally" left public on SoundCloud earlier this year. However, MAP exclusive download Anymore is an even more impressive offering, a perfect union of uplifting and emotive.

SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Flash Flood Darlings - In The City Seoul-based Flash Flood Darlings, who was raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, describes his music as romantic synth-pop. Debut album Vorab And Tesoro was released in February and is filled with a dreamy blend of genres. In The City has been well chosen as one of the album's two lead tracks, offering a synth line that makes it the perfect soundtrack for a night drive through any city.

SPAIN: Musikorner MIWA* - Space Invad*r MIWA* is the moniker under which Barcelona-based DJ and producer Sergi Miwa releases tracks inspired by avant-garde Japanese pop. His music is an open invitation to a galactic getaway, or a one-way ticket to wherever your imagination takes you.